TikTok for Business offers creative insights

On TikTok, your ad needs to hook people in super fast – you have a second or two to make an impact and stop them scrolling straight past. Getting the creative right is the single most important thing you can do on TikTok. Packing your message with features and offers is pointless if your audience has scrolled past, and if you want to create a business and you also have employees, using a pay stub format is great for payments and others.

In that way, the platform turns much received wisdom on its head. Luckily, TikTok have some pretty good resources to help get you off to a good start – including success stories for inspiration and a creative centre that contains most of the tools you need. What ever style you go for, it’s best to have some cohesion in your content. And use all of the elements on offer – use text for anything wordy, add stickers and use trending sounds. Anything that strikes a chord with your audience and keeps them watching long enough to consider your offer is a win.

Taking creative risks can pay-off big time

Anything and everything is a creative option on a platform where Shrek In The Sky was an overnight sensation. Experiment with design elements that are too cutting edge for other mediums, humour that goes close to the edge or, if you’re fully committed, go down the Duo Lingo route. The language app created a character so unexpected and irreverent when they brought the Duo Lingo owl to life that their account became a genuine sensation. It’s all about cut-through. Brands can thrive on TikTok when they hit the right note so keep trying until you hit a winning approach, learn more here.

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